We’re looking forward to seeing you again!

We’re looking forward to seeing you again!

Acapulco- Fall 2012

Every semester, Economics Department faculty invite economics majors and minors to a social hour at nearby Acapulco restaurant. We meet up for a casual meet and greet, where students and faculty can get to know each other outside of the classroom setting. Starting Fall 2011, we began inviting economics alumni. We’ve enjoyed meeting with you.

Welcome, Professor Hur

This Fall 2012 semester, we welcome Professor Joon Y. Hur to the Economics Department. Professor Hur earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University. He will teach ECON 161 this fall.

Economics: A Good Choice of Major for Future CEOs

Patricia M. Flynn
Bentley University - Department of Economics
Michael A. Quinn
Bentley University - Department of Economics
November 28, 2006

It is often suggested that Economics is a good major for individuals interested in becoming business leaders. Despite this widespread assertion, little research has been conducted on this topic. Using the Standard and Poor (S&P) 500 companies, this paper examines the validity of such a claim. We find evidence that Economics is a good choice of major for those aspiring to become a CEO. Economics ranked third with 9% of the CEOs of the S&P 500 companies in 2004 being undergraduate Economics majors, behind Business Administration and Engineering majors, each of which accounted for 20% of the CEOs. When adjusting for size of the pool of graduates, those with undergraduate degrees in Economics are shown to have had a greater likelihood of becoming an S&P 500 CEO than any other major. That is, the share of graduates who were Economics majors who were CEOs in 2004 was greater than that for any other major, including Business Administration and Engineering. The findings also show that a higher percentage of CEOs who were Economics majors subsequently completed a graduate degree - often an MBA - than did their counterparts with Business Administration and Engineering degrees. The paper demonstrates that while women now comprise over half of all bachelors and masters degrees awarded, they remain a minority in terms of undergraduate degrees awarded in Economics and in MBA degrees conferred. Economics programs may try to appeal to more women students as a stepping stone to becoming a CEO, especially as women continue to account for less than 2 percent of the S&P 500 CEOs.

Congratulations to Economics majors who participated in the College of Business and Economics 2012 Commencement ceremony: Abdulmajeed Alsukhan, Richard Avila, Harout Boghossian, Deniz Boysan, Zachary Burkert, Allison Butchko, Rodion Butyrski, Salvador Camacho, Bryan Carroll, Alfonso Ceja, Apiraporn Charoenthaivanich, Fei Cheng, Kevin Coreas, Kevin Drenth, Anthony Ellis, Ari Emurian, Dimas Escobar, Christopher Ford, Dariush Ford, Glenda Funes, Kenneth Garcia, Steven Garcia, Chris Gieske, Emil Grigoryan, Christian Gross, Michael Grotan, Raul Guillen, Justin Haim, Motohiko Hayashi, Andrew Henning, Kosuke Iwamoto, Casey Jens, Jharae Jordan-Anderson, Myung Kim, Elena Kokorina, Aimee Kurachi, Jessica Lopez, Justin Love, Andrew Marks, Donald Markwardt, Luis Martinez, Sean McGrath, Ayaka Miyake, Marika Nakagawa, Erik Nelson, Ronald Ng, Tomoaki Nitta, Andres Ochoa, Dante Oliveto, Nina Oyadomari, Omer Ozeren, Ezequiel Payan, Svetlana Paychadze, Gerson Pineda, Ryan Pineda, James Poet, Vigen Pogosyan, Rita Pollard, Damjan Posedel, Eric Pressman, Arek Proodian, Phillip Richards, Zachary Roof, Rohan Sood, Jordan Stephens, Natthapong Sunairatanaporn, Brian Thompson, Ya Ting Tsai, Enrico Valbuena, Catherine Wagner, Omar Wicab, Karl Wilfred, Ian Wolcott-Shulman, Timothy Wright, Wesley Yada, Raphael Yoshimura.

Watch the College of Business and Economics 2012 Commencement ceremony here.

Congratulations to Economics major Zachary Roof, recipient of the College of Business and Economics’ William R. Hosek Achievement and the CSUN Karen, Leon, and Rita Goldstein-Saulter Memorial Awards.

Watch Zach receive his award at the 2012 Honors Convocation here.